aengus anderson

Aengus got sucked into audio production in 2004, when he founded The Peanut Gallery, a podcast the New York Times labeled "a cross between the Firesign Theater and Hunter S. Thompson." After a few years of producing commercials for the advertising agency BBDO, Aengus bellyflopped back into poverty and started producing independent radio documentaries.

He is currently working on a trilogy of long-format radio projects about modern America. During the summer of 2009 Aengus traveled the United States by motorcycle and asked random Americans about their greatest sources of excitement and concern. The result was a seven-part series called Two Wheels to Nowhere.

In 2010 Aengus resuscitated his motorcycle and spent a quarter year traveling North America and talking to people about their hardest decisions. Aengus has been editing the responses and making them individually available on The Decisions Project.


The Decisions Project

Two Wheels to Nowhere

Short Documentaries